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A special kind of make-up

The special quality of the DR. BAUMANN MakeUP line is the result of successful cooperation with experts in various fields. The size of the product range, the colours and other quality requirements set out as objectives. Another goal was to meet or even surpass the high standards demanded by professional makeup artists. This important job fell to German Makeup Champion 2000, Tülay Aktag. The evaluation of ingredients on dermatological and allergological grounds was incumbent on Dr. Henrich, a doctor and naturopath, as the Dr. Baumann SkinIdent bionome quality standards require that risky ingredients be excluded.

Animals are also protected by the bionome ethical and quality guidelines. Therefore Dr. Baumann SkinIdent completely rejects the use of animal ingredients and guarantees that all DR. BAUMANN MakeUP brushes are made from synthetic hair. The quality of these brushes is so outstanding that you will struggle to tell them apart from brushes made with animal hair.

As a successfully renowned cosmetic chemist Dr. Baumann also provided discerning input into this MakeUP line. Finally Ms. Aktag carried out numerous tests on all the products in the professional fields of film and television as well as daily use by normal consumers, until her strict quality requirements were more than fulfilled. Creating natural beauty and radiance is something she considers crucially important.

Fluid Make-up (Oil free)

Experience particularly light and comfortable application with DR. BAUMANN FFluid Make-up. It can be layered until the desired coverage is achieved. Apply Fluid Make-up with a moistened DR. BAUMANN sponge.

Result: Your skin is wonderfully matt and does not shine


DR. BAUMANN Make-up does only give your skin the desired skin tone but also nourishes the skin with natural oils, vitamins and other active ingredients. It is ideal to apply after one of the DR. BAUMANN liposome products.

Benefit: One product that simultaneously improves your skin’s appearance according to your skin type and provides nourishing care.


A light textured base which provides good coverage of uneven skin tone caused by couperose, age spots, freckles, spider veins, tattoos etc. – without looking like a mask!

The benefit: Your skin appears even-toned.

Powder Cream

The Powder Cream has a soft, powder-like consistency, covers small irregularities, enables a gentle, silky, even complexion and is easy to apply. It is suitable for all kinds of skin, produces a long-lasting, smooth feeling on the skin with impeccable radiance. The Powder Cream has less covering power than the Camouflage, but is easier to apply, especially on larger areas. An application of powder is not necessary. As the Powder Cream and the Camouflage are available in the same colours, both products are great to combine.

Compact Powder

When you are on the go, this compact powder is ideal to freshen up your complexion or matt a shiny T-zone at any time or place.

Benefit: Your skin looks perfect in any situation.

Loose Powder

The powder should be applied with a powder brush or powder puff to set and matt. The coloured powder should be matched to the colour tone of the foundation used. The transparent powder ensures that the base is immaculate and long-lasting.

Benefit: Your foundation is set and the powder ensures that makeup e. g. Camouflage stays in place. Your skin looks perfectly matt.


The rouge is ideal for use after you have applied DR. BAUMANN Camouflage or another DR. BAUMANN Make-up and set it with DR. BAUMANN Powder. This helps to avoid an unpleasant streaky or blotchy effect.

Benefit: Creates an illusion of wonderfully fresh-faced contours.


DR. BAUMANN presents various shades, tones and highlighters for the eyelids.

Benefit: Enhances the expressiveness of your eyes.

Brilliant Powder

Makes your evening make-up appear even more brilliant.

We guarantee: In our products there are no chemical preservatives, no perfume and no mineral oils or paraffins from petroleum and no ingredients from killed animals.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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